Evan Schiff
Picture Editor (MPEG Member)
About Me
Welcome to my online portfolio.

When I started editing my first student film at USC, I thought I wanted to go into special effects. When I finished editing that first film, I knew I wanted to be an editor. I was lucky to work throughout college at Stan Winston Studio, and was even luckier that they had an Avid in need of a visual effects editor. That was my start, and after departing SWS I worked my way up as an Assistant Editor and now Editor.

I speak fluent Spanish, can work in the EU, and am a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild.

More importantly, I just love to edit.

I also maintain a workflow-oriented blog I call my Editing Brain Dump. I'm an avid traveler, both for work and fun, and in 2008 I bought an around-the-world plane ticket so I could travel my way home to LA from a job in London by heading east. Lastly, I'm a classical pianist with more than 20 years of practice, and I think that has had a great impact on the pace, rhythm, and timing I implement every day as an editor.

Since you got this far, allow me to present The Recital, my intermediate ("310") USC student film from 2002. Enjoy!

Everly (2014)
Director: Joe Lynch
Poster for Goliath
Goliath (2013) [Short Film]
Director: Eric Bross
Poster for Beat The Odds: Jade & Jalen
Beat The Odds: Jade & Jalen (2012) [Short Documentary]
Profile video for 2012 Beat The Odds Scholarship Award

Director: Damon Lee
Poster for The Time Being
The Time Being (2012)
Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival

Director: Nenad Cicin-Sain
Poster for Broken Kingdom
Broken Kingdom (2010)
Director: Daniel Gillies
Poster for The Happiest Man Alive
The Happiest Man Alive (2010) [Short]
Director: Andrew Goodman
Poster for Peep World
Peep World (2010)
Official Selection: Toronto Int'l Film Festival 2010

Director: Barry Blaustein
Poster for Towards Darkness
Towards Darkness (2007)
Official Selection: Tribeca Film Festival 2007

Director: Antonio Negret
Poster for Pan's Labyrinth DVD
Pan's Labyrinth DVD (2007) [BTS Featurettes]
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Assistant Editor
Short-Term or Uncredited
VFX Editor (Stan Winston Studio)
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