Avid Locators to FCS Chapter Converter

Avid Locators to FCS Chapter Converter

As a supplement to [intlink id=”273″ type=”post”]my post on how to convert an Avid locators file to chapter markers[/intlink] for Final Cut Studio, I decided to just make a little web app to do it for you. Paste the contents of your locators file in the top box, click Convert, and then copy/paste the contents of the bottom box into a new text file and import that into DVDSP or Compressor.

If you forgot to change the starting timecode of your sequence Hour 0, you can batch add or subtract a certain # of hours using the control below.


Avid Locators

Fill with sample locators  |   Clear
Modify Hour TC:

FCS Chapter Markers

Access iTunes From Within Avid

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Access iTunes From Within Avid

iTunes makes for a great sound effects library manager, but it can be a pain to switch in and out of Avid every time you want to import a file. Use the Media part of your Finder sidebar to choose your fx or score directly from the Import dialog.


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  1. This is fabulous, thank you for sharing!
    I was just building something similar in Filemaker Pro so that I could add locators to a text track in QT Pro.

  2. You’re welcome! This trick has saved me tons of time, and I’m very happy if it can save time for others, too.

  3. I like this. Any chance you know of a way to move Avid locators into a FCP sequence (probably as markers?)??

  4. It doesn’t seem like you can import a marker list into FCP at all. The only way to get markers in is via XML, and as far as I can see from everyone who’s done it, there is no way to import markers without importing a whole sequence. So if you were trying to add markers to an existing FCP sequence, you’d have to export it as an XML file and then add your markers to that file and reimport it. If you wanted a blank sequence with markers you’d still have to export an XML for your blank sequence and then add markers to that.

    Not quite as easy as reformatting into chapter markers unfortunately 🙂

  5. this is clutch.