Recommended Software for your Avid

This is just a list of the software that I install on any Mac that I’m working on, Avids included.

  • Alfred: easy keyboard-based application and macro access. I used to use Quicksilver but development on it stalled
  • Growl: provides nice, discreet notifications for software running in the background (email checkers, FTP clients, my [intlink id=”35″ type=”post”]Automator backup script[/intlink])
  • jEdit: full-featured free text editor, since TextEdit is a joke. jEdit also supports regular expression search/replace, which has saved me countless hours over the years. bbEdit, TextMate, or similar are also good options.
  • Chrome : I like Chrome for my browser, but FYI Avid’s manual doesn’t work in it, so sometimes I have to open Safari.
  • Quicktime Pro : Probably being phased out, but still useful if you have the choice.
  • DVD Studio Pro: Easy and full-featured DVD creation, but not available for purchase any longer. Hope you bought Final Cut Studio before FCPX came out.
  • Name Mangler, or similar file renaming software. This lets you rename a batch of files according to [intlink id=”171″ type=”post”]regular expressions[/intlink], numeric sequences, and other conditions.
  • Dropbox : Great for putting your Avid project into if you’re a one-man show. On bigger shows with multiple Editorial locations I use it to pass individual bins back and forth between myself and other assistant editors

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  1. Are you not a filemaker pro guy, or does its inclusion go without saying? Excellent site you have here. Love it even more if you had some advice about FMP or any tips on automated codebooks.

  2. I do use Filemaker Pro, but am trying to migrate away from it as much as I can. My codebook is currently based in FMP (and populated with a tab-delimited export from my Avid dailies bins), but for more complex things like vfx tracking I find myself continually frustrated with the limitations of FMP. I’m currently exploring my options in re: hiring a programmer to make me an online codebook/vfx tracking web application. If I had the time I’d do it myself, probably in PHP, but I haven’t had the time or energy to put into it on top of my day job.

    I do have a post that’s been sitting in Draft status for a while that will deal with a basic Filemaker codebook, I’ll try to flesh that out for you in the near future and post an empty clone of what I’m currently using. My one issue with posting the database is that, like most codebooks and FMP databases I’ve seen, this database has been created in a very piecemeal fashion, and it shows. So in other words, it works, but it’s not my best work 🙂