Tools, converters and scripts I've made over the years.

Over the years, particularly when I was an assistant editor, I found the need to make scripts or in-house tools to automate repetitive tasks. Here's a collection of tools I've made that might be useful to you. Many of these are links to my separate Shift-E Tools site.

Shift-E Tools

  • EDL to SubCap converter

    This is the EDL to SubCap converter used by many vfx editors to quickly title their turnovers. Make sure to thank George McCarthy for the original idea.

  • Create Dailies Subclips from an ALE

    Getting all audio tracks in your dailies is the best. This tool modifies an ALE to create V1A1 subclips (or as many audio tracks as you want) so you can cut with just the mix and still match frame to your isos.

  • ProTools Media Copy

    When doing multiple turnovers to ProTools, this workflow and accompanying app allows you to send your sound department a linked AAF, get back a list of missing media from them, and then find that media on your NEXIS automatically to send back to them.

  • Matte Generator

    Sometimes you need a .png letterbox to stick on top of your content. Make one with this tool and then import it into your NLE.

  • TRT/LFOA Calculator

    Quickly calculate and make a LFOA sheet, and print or save to PDF when you're done.

  • Desktop Apps

    Download an offline desktop version of the Shift-E Tools site: